Members of the House of Councillors visited the Djibouti embassy

Its was a pleasure to receive Mr. FUJIKI Shinya & Mr. MIYAZAKI Masao members of the House of Councillors to the Djibouti embassy to discuss of the participation of the Djibouti delegation to the Olympic & Paralympics Games in Tokyo (2020). 31/3/2021

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Meeting with Ambassador Jun Shimmi ,former Ambassador to Djibouti and actually ambassador for TICAD

fruitful discussions with H.E.Ambassador Jun Shimmi (former Ambassador to Djibouti) and actually: ambassador for TICAD , special for U. N., Security council reform Affairs -Human rights -international economic Affairs Tokyo 15/02/2021

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Successful discussions with H.E.Ambassador Yonetani Koji

Successful discussions with H.E.Ambassador Yonetani Koji Current Director-General-Africa, Assistant Minister (Ambassador of Japan to Rep. Djibouti from 2017 to 2020) Tokyo 04/02/2021

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Visit at the Embassy of Djibouti Mr. Seijun Nishihata the man who whispers in the ears of plants.

With Seijun San "The man who whispers to plants" Tokyo 02/02/2021

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Entretien entre l’ambassadeur de Djibouti au Japon et M. Denny Tamaki, Gouverneur de la Préfecture d’Okinawa.

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Courtesy Call on current mayor of Naha, the capital city of Okinawa Prefecture Mikiko Shiroma by DJIBOUTI Ambassador to Japan Ahmed Araita Ali

On Wednesday, December 23, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Djibouti, Ahmed Araita Ali, visited the city hall and exchanged views with Mayor Shiroma on the reconstruction of Shurijo Castle.

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Meeting between the Minister of Justice and the Arab diplomatic corps

Arab diplomatic corps had a meeting whit the Minister of Justice Mrs. Yoko KAMIKAWA.

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The Ambassador receives a Djiboutian student from the “Abe initiative” scholarship program 2018-2020.

The Ambassador received a student who benefited from the "Abe initiative" scholarship program 2018-2020.Miss Fozia Fayib graduated from Japan International University, Niigata Prefecture. The government of Japan is continuing its commitment in building the capacities of young Africans, including Djibouti, through the “Business Sector Education Initiative for Young Africans (ABE Initiative).” This program, funded by [...]

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Visit to the Prefectural General High School of Saitama Ina Gakuen Department within the framework of the Francophonie.

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Meeting whit the State Minister of Defense, NAKAYAMA Yasuhide.

Bilateral meeting whit the State Minister of Defense, NAKAYAMA Yasuhide. Enhanced bilateral cooperation between Djibouti and Japan. 16-11-2020

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