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Opening Reception for “Japan Through Diplomat’s Eyes” Photo Exhibit.

Opening Reception for “Japan Through Diplomat’s Eyes” Photo Exhibit. 23rd annual Japan through Diplomats' Eyes Photo Exhibition 2020. The event, under the high patronage of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, serves as an excellent platform for cultural exchange and friendship between nations and is open for ambassadors 06/10/2020

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L’ambassadeur S.E Ahmed Araita était l’hôte de l’Ambassadeur du Paraguay à Tokyo.

L'ambassadeur S.E Ahmed Araita était l'hôte de l'Ambassadeur du Paraguay à Tokyo Raul Florentín-Antola. Il y a eu l'occasion de rencontrer d'autres ambassadeurs, S.E M Alan Beraud Ambassadeur de l'Argentine, S.E M Otsuka ambassadeur japonais désigné à Djibouti ainsi que son épouse Mme Yoshie Otsuka ambassadrice désignée au Paraguay. 30/9/2020

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Visite de courtoisie de M. Umio Otsuka, Ambassadeur désigné en République de Djibouti auprès de l’Ambassade de Djibouti à Tokyo.

Visite de courtoisie à notre Ambassade à Tokyo De S.E. Umio Otsuka ,Ambassadeur désigné en République de Djibouti. Tokyo le 25/09/2020

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Meeting between the Komeito party and the African diplomatic corps

9 African ambassadors had a meeting whit Komeito Chief Representative Mr.Natsuo Yamaguchi & member of the House of Councillors in the National Diet of Japan.

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2020年9月8日、アホメド・アライタ・アリ大使はアラブ外交団団長のワリード・シアム、パレスチナ大使、アラブ外交団の現在の理事長、アハメッド・ムハッマド・アルドーセリ、バーレーン大使と共に 日本アラブ協会の森川会長を表敬訪問しました。

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Rencontre avec le Président de l‘Association d’Amitié Arabe -Japon

Le 8 Septembre 2020, l’Ambassadeur Ahmed Araita Ali avec le doyen du groupe Arabe l’Ambassadeur de la Palestine, S.E. Waleed Ali Siam et le Président du mois du groupe Arabe l’Ambassadeur de Bahreïn, S.E. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Dossari en eu une visite de courtoisie auprès du Président de l’Association d’Amitié Arabe-Japon Monsieur M. MORIKAWA. 日本アラブ協会会長との面談 2020年9月8日、アホメド・アライタ・アリ大使はアラブ外交団団長のワリード・シアム、パレスチナ大使、アラブ外交団の現在の理事長、アハメッド・ムハッマド・アルドーセリ、バーレーン大使と共に [...]

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Japanese new Emperor’s enthronement ceremony

H.E. Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed with Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace. On Tuesday 22nd October, Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, along with Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali, took part in the Japanese new Emperor’s enthronement ceremony which was held at the Imperial Palace. H.E. Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed with Japanese [...]

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Vietnam wants to engage more with Middle East and African countries

Ambassador Ahmed Araïta Ali with H.E. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Vietnam wants to strengthen its trade ties and cooperative relations with Middle East and African countries. To that end, a « Meet Ambassadors from the Middle East and Africa 2019 », which drew the participation of some sixty people, [...]

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Pre-TICAD 7 Knowledge Event: African Economic Outlook & Debt Sustainability

H.E. Ambassador Ahmed Araita with the speakers and the Head, Asia External Representation of AfDB. As Acting Dean of the ADC, H.E. Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali, made a opening remarks on the Pre-TICAD Knowledge Event organized by AfDB and JETRO that took place on Monday 27th, 2019 at JETRO Head Quarter. The speakers from AfDB, [...]

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Coronation ceremony for the new King of Thailand

The Sovereign granted an audience to the accredited Diplomatic corps in Thailand. On May 6th, 2019, the Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali and his wife, Mrs. Yasmine Ahmed Moussa, as the non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti, attended the coronation of the new King of Thailand, his Majesty Rama X. King Rama X and [...]

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