S.E.M. Ahmed Araïta Ali and the President of Tokyo University of agriculture, Dr. Katsumi TAKANO,
with the execution teams of the SATREPS project in Djibouti.

As part of the Science and Technologie Research Partnership for Sustainable development (SATREPS) between Djibouti and Japan, a ceremony was held on Thursday 11th April 2019 at Tokyo University of Agriculture. The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti in Japan, His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Araïta Ali, as well as the President of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Dr. Katsumi TAKANO.

This collaborative research agreement has for objective to initiate joint research regarding the sustainable gestion of water in the sectors of agriculture, breeding farm and reforestation suited to the arid climate of Djibouti, through the SATREPS’ project.

The President of Tokyo University of agriculture emphasized that this partnership is a new step of a fruitful relationship dedicated to environment protection.

S.E.M. Ahmed Araïta Ali with the President of Tokyo University of agriculture, Dr. Katsumi TAKANO.

In his speech, Ambassador Ahmed Araïta Ali addressed his thanks in the name of the Government of Djibouti and all its people to the Japanese Government and Japanese people who have always shown generosity toward Djibouti. He then congratulated all the participants working on the SATREPS’ project in Djibouti.