Meeting in plenary, the Parliament of Djibouti approved Thursday, January 11, 2018 a bill to increase to 25% the quota of women in the National Assembly.

The law was initially debated at the Parliamentary Committee in charge of Legislation and General Administration. The government a week before then ratified the decision to increase the rate of women’s representation in Parliament at the first meeting of the Council of Ministers for the year 2018.

The Head of State, H.E. Mr. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, who initiated the proposal to increase the quota of women to the national representation has since his term as President of the Republic began in 1999, undertaken a series of reforms. These reforms aim at accelerating the revalorization of the status of women by including the establishment of a ministerial department dedicated to the advancement of women.

It is important to underline that according to the law that has just been adopted by the National Assembly, a quarter of the seats in the Parliament will be granted to women in the parliamentary elections scheduled for February 2018.