Work meeting between both parties and Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali.

A delegation from the National Social Security Fund of Djibouti led by the Director General, Mr. Hassan Robleh Obsieh made a working visit to the Japanese medical group, Tokushukai, from November 4-9th, 2017.

Exchange of gifts between Mr. Hassan Robleh Obsieh, Director General of the CNSS and
Dr. Takao Suzuki, President of the Tokushukai medical group and the Ambassador of Djibouti to Japan.

During this important visit, the Director General, Mr. Hassan Robleh and the President of Tokushukai, Dr. Takao Suzuki conducted extensive talks on how better to cooperate on the implementation of the hospital construction project, which is under the tutelage of the CNSS and funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the African Development Bank (AfDB).