July 25th and 26th saw the second African Development Bank Group’s Japan-Africa business forum take place. During this forum multiple high level representatives, from both the public and private sector, presented their plans for growth and development in both individual nations and the continent.

Djibouti was no exception with the Chairman of the Djibouti Ports and Free Trade Zones Authority, Aboubakar Omar Hadi presenting a strong and ambitious plan for the expansion of a railway expanding west from Djibouti across the continent. The train line, officially opened in 2016, linking the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and the Djibouti Port of Doraleh is just one step in this plan to develop Djibouti’s infrastructure.

This achievement was built upon in the speech, with a suggestion that the railway be extended to the Atlantic Ocean in the distant future. During the seminar, Mr. Hadi put special emphasis on the need for greater regional integration of services, both nationally and within the continent. There was also focus put on the need for greater industrialization within Djibouti which would help, in turn, the development of infrastructure.

Overall, the conference was a successful promotion of Djibouti’s ambitious plans and presented the prospect of an even brighter future for the nation.